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You Can’t Connect the Dots if you Can’t See the Dots

The visualization of network topology, including the analysis of network device configuration files from firewalls, routers, and switches, is the part of the cybersecurity playbook in 2022. Gaining accurate visibility of OT networks is fundamental to protect critical assets and to ensure that networks are correctly segmented.

A comprehensive network visibility solution combines traffic monitoring (what is connecting to what) with network architecture analysis (what can connect to what). In order to eliminate blind spots and develop relevant contextual information to better mitigate cyber threats, one must augment traditional intrusion detection with firewall review.

Network access visualization enables anyone to understand compliance and security issues instantly. It models how each network device allows and denies communication. This model computes the complete set of possible paths among network assets – and it’s the same modelization that’s fundamental to Network Perception’s flagship offering, NP-View

Network Perception offers a different kind of visibility that allows customers to see the network beyond just their network diagram. Network Perception provides real-time visibility into network architecture, so OT businesses can build cyber resiliency and mitigate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

With NP-View, entire teams have complete and continuous verification and visualization of network paths for the entire site, network topology with custom views, real-time change tracking with differential reporting, vulnerability analysis, and a proactive alerting and notification system.

Administrators can feel confident in protecting their mission critical assets with an independent verification platform that runs offline and does not write to the network, offers intuitive network visualization maps for technical and non-technical users, and a unified ruleset review across firewall vendors. NP-View works to proactively verify and continuously assure the security of the critical OT assets we all depend on.

Hackers will constantly strive to remain one step ahead. Current OT security solutions take a reactive approach to threats, focusing on detection and response. These solutions require sensors to monitor network traffic – only catching breaches after they happen, rather than mitigating vulnerabilities in advance. The pace and acceleration of network changes can also create new vulnerabilities every day, decreasing the likelihood of detection and the ability to recover from a breach.

Network Perception’s platform enables OT operators to find, prioritize, and mitigate security and compliance vulnerabilities before a breach occurs. NP-View’s lightweight platform does not write to the network, completely separating network management and monitoring for a safer and less complex cyber resiliency solution.

After all, you can’t connect the dots if you can’t see the dots first! Protect your mission critical assets today.